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Nobody likes Valentine’s Day. It’s a fact. It’s on Wikipedia…somewhere. We’ve decided that you should Date Someone Who Geeks. Date someone who geeks out on something. Anything. Whatever it is their passion is. 

Big thanks to The Chicago Nerd Comedy FestivalBeta Club Field Trip, and Stage 773 for lending their talents for this video!

hey everybody!! i’m in this!!! and my part is about tumblr and is representin’ for the bi community. and i mention hannibal and ships and its always sunny and yaayyyy :-D

Stupid lucky to have been a part of this. Giant ups to Caitlin Seibold for helping out with her Tumblr knowledge.

Swank night continues! Really liking this girl. #chicago (at The Modern Wing)

An announcement!

I said it on the podcast tonight so it has to be true. I’ll be cosplaying at this coming C2E2 in Chicago. It’s my first time doing it but I’ve always been too scared to, and if it scares you then you should do it. 

For the record, I’m pumped.

Dinner before the show! Love this place! Always gives out good advice… #chicago #pizza (Taken with Instagram at Dimo’s Pizza)

Chicago Bus Riders - You Are The Worst.

I ride buses every day. My sister was the PR Lady for the transit authority back home. I actually love Chicago’s Red Line El Train despite the faint smell of urine and broken dreams.

Hear me? I have EXPERIENCE on public transit. And below is how I feel on public transit…

At least the girl behind me is having a good time…

And damn I am pale. But I want to do something about this.

I don’t mind crowds, in fact when I get to ride in the very front of the bus it’s like I’m commanding a giant steel chariot through the raceways of Northern Chicago. Imagine Ben-Hur battling other buses in busy city streets, pretty awesome right? Well, that is how I deal with my commute home.

It wasn’t until recently that I noticed that while every bus is pretty full, not all of the seats are being used. In fact, a few selfish Chicagoans were actually using the outside seat (read: the seat closest to the aisle) without moving in to make room for the other bus-riding-folk. On a congested bus ride home last week I saw this in action so I asked the young man if he could move over so I could sit down. The guy stared at me like I had a pigeon sitting on my head and just turned away.

I know I’m not the most attractive guy in the world, but c’mon, that’s just rude.

Don’t believe me? I’ve been documenting it!

That lady has a seat for her BAG! An inanimate object! A body is worth more than a bag, right?

Now obviously there are some special cases to be had here. I’m a lanky fellow so I can appreciate some extra leg room, but I was raised to know you should accommodate your fellow man. Why don’t we suck it up and move over a foot-and-a-half so everyone can be more comfortable? Is it a psychological thing? Are we afraid people will invade our territory and pressure us into a window-squished ride into oblivion? Do we as a people smell and not know it? What’s going on here?

Chicagoans, I know we’re better than this. I know we’re a kind people (except for when the Cubs get our hopes up and dash them, so, always?) so I propose a few options for us here:

  • 1.) Have a decent excuse for not moving. I.E. “There’s an invisible dragon in that seat, you don’t wanna sit there!”
  • 2.) Move. Be courteous. It’s not hard.

I’m glad we had this talk. Be kind to your fellow man, let them use the first-player controller sometimes, and always share your candy.

And for the Love of cheddar, move over so other people can sit. Thank you.

~ Aaron J.

Conan singing the “End of the Show Song!” #chicoco #chicago #justforlaughs (Taken with Instagram)

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