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Nobody likes Valentine’s Day. It’s a fact. It’s on Wikipedia…somewhere. We’ve decided that you should Date Someone Who Geeks. Date someone who geeks out on something. Anything. Whatever it is their passion is. 

Big thanks to The Chicago Nerd Comedy FestivalBeta Club Field Trip, and Stage 773 for lending their talents for this video!

hey everybody!! i’m in this!!! and my part is about tumblr and is representin’ for the bi community. and i mention hannibal and ships and its always sunny and yaayyyy :-D

Stupid lucky to have been a part of this. Giant ups to Caitlin Seibold for helping out with her Tumblr knowledge.


We’re starting a new series called Geeky Drinking Games where we details some boozy fun with your favorite geeky shows/movies!

First up is Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airing on NBC. Since there’s a new episode tonight 8pm EST, why not try the rules out tonight with some friends?

Happy to see that people seem to be digging this. Just ready to gather feedback and get started on the next one. I’ve been given Once Upon A Time and Battlestar as suggestions…


On the night of October 16, 2013, a group of formerly marginalized homo sapiens emerged from their hovels to worship their nerdy deities as only they know how… with a night of passionate fan fiction readings. These are the images of said humans.  Their stories lasted for 5 minutes, but their legend will last… for at least a day (the internet as the attention span of a gold fish).

Join The Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival as they present: Hey I’m A Big Fan next month (and the 3rd Wednesday of EVERY month) at Stage 773.

See you November 20th!

So this was a ton of fun last night. Look at my cheeks though. Holy shit do I look huge.


(click for hi-res Jedi action)

Next time you see a bird in the sky, just remember it could have a connection to The Force.

Credit goes to Daniel lloyd for the great suggestion for this week’s Nerd Moment.

Still laughing about this. Seriously. What’s wrong with me?


Ever wonder how to spice up a romantic scene? Easy. Just Add Pokemon.

We had an hour on Sunday and inspiration struck. If you like Pokemon and movies from the 80’s, this should tickle your fancy…

I Lost 31lbs Just By Being A Better Geek


It’s June 1st and I’m cleaning my bathroom. This ritual is typically reserved for only the most boring of days and I really can’t stand to do it unless there’s a possibility that it has gotten so untidy that a grue may lurk within.

I bought a scale a few months prior and realized I hadn’t actually been using it. Might as well see what the old thing had to say about my wei-WHAT?

I was 227 lbs. How did THAT happen?

It is embarrassing to see this. I’ve never been wholly unhappy with the way that I looked, but I was a far cry away from the shape I was in during college when I was constantly performing, rehearsing, and more active. Something had to change. I made the choice to be fit, but I needed some inspiration. What better thing to inspire me than the things I spend most of my time on? I was able to take cues from video games, sci-fi movies, and comic books to start my quest towards a happier and healthier life.

It is now September 30th and I’m 196lbs. I’ve lost 31 lbs. That’s like losing a Charmander. It’s not a small amount.

This is how I did it.

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So I wrote this.

And it took a TON out of me.

I was worried, y’know, about writing anything about my physical appearance. But it’s cool. People have actually told me they’re happy to know about it.

I guess the morale of the story is that anything worth doing that is difficult will be worth it. And anything worth the anxiety is going to be rewarding. I’m getting better every day, and tomorrow my friend is going to join me in this side-quest.

So yeah, I’m having a pretty great week. Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I love this ride and don’t intend to get off.


[Click for hi-res Planet Express Action]

We also believe that somewhere down the line he played a part in making Blernsball.

HAD to make this after seeing the Buccos kills the Cubbies yesterday!

Even though the city’s taxicab companies are already threatening to sue, the news was a big win for the so-called sharing economy — a phenomenon that seems increasingly propelled by smartphone-wielding millennials used to getting what they want when they want it.

You idiot you idiot you idiot.

Lyft and Uber and Airbnb are companies, and this aspect of the “sharing economy” is the same as the first guy who decided to sell bananas at his newsstand so customers didn’t have to truck all the way out to the grocery store.

Companies are, in a way, about people getting what they want when they want it, but that designation isn’t exclusive to millennials, and in fact a large proportion of Uber drivers AND Uber users (as well as Airbnb hosts AND Airbnb guests) aren’t even millennials.

(I’m not even a millennial!)

Also: take the smartphone out of your own hands before you deride young people for using theirs.

(via hello-the-future)


What Nicole said.

VStheUNIVERSE is getting props together for a #Bioshock Infinite video… #vigors #videogames


[Click for some hi-res Fluxx action]

Tabletop Games > Going out on a Saturday Night.

I’m totally doing this on Saturday Night. The staying in part that is.

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